Tools & Apps

We love efficient processes – and we're sure you do, too. We have developed a variety of software tools that support our work processes and make our services even better and faster.

We can also develop tailored tools and apps for you to help you optimise your media planning. In our in-house development department we implement them for you quickly and straightforwardly – and we constantly develop them.


You tell us what you want, and we put it into practice. Our software MCsolution, which we developed ourselves, allows us to tailor our services to you when it comes to order and billing management – while at the same time ensuring lean internal processes through a high degree of automation.

With our extensive reporting and controlling tools, individual evaluations and needs-based maintenance and administration of all master and branch data we provide maximum process reliability. Another reason why you can be sure of the reliability of our work. 


Optimise your marketing strategy using the latest market data from our web-based geo-information system MCmaps. With a few clicks you accurately evaluate the socio-demographic and socio-economic data of a specific region, analyse your competitive situation there or see the mail advertising delivery areas – simply from your web browser or on the go using our MCmaps iPad app.

We use your direct feedback to continuously develop our system. Today and in the future, MCmaps aligns itself with the current requirements of successful trading companies.




Our extensive quality and complaint management system is an important part of our service and ensures your satisfaction. To make sure that each case can be processed and understood as best as possible, all our measures come together in our own MCquality control tool.

Thanks to its extensive evaluation and analysis functions we are able to effectively assess the distribution quality and identify any hotspots. Rankings and benchmarks offer many possibilities for comparison.

The entire quality assurance process is 100 percent transparent. You have your own access to MCquality, which allows you to check distribution quality and complaint management at any time and in only a few clicks. Be it an individual process or an annual overview: you can access all data online at any time. In the browser or via our handy iPad app.