Full Service

We do what we can for you, and not just when it comes to our core competence, household advertising. We organise your advertising activities in all media channels. The processes are coordinated by customer-specific teams of advisers – from budget planning and purchasing to production and distribution and all the way to order and billing management.

Our independence is your advantage. We can book absolutely all media channels and delivery channels for you. Thanks to our long-standing, reliable partnerships, we do this with great efficiency. We are your interface to media, printing logistics and distribution organisations – Europe-wide from a single source. 

Mail advertising

With mail advertising you reach your target group extremely efficiently. A total of 86 percent of interviewed consumer read household advertising occansionally. – 63 percent even at least weekly 60 percent of  consumers specifically seek out exciting offers in mail advertising and 49 percent wants to save money. This is reflected in an outstanding return on investment.

As the market leader, we manage more than 15 billion items of mail advertising a year. With our high quality and efficiency, both in production and distribution, we have been convincing such retail giants as EDEKA, Rossmann and McDonald’s for many years – and we are sure that you, too, will be convinced. 


As a multi-sensory medium, print is ideally suited to inform your target group and create an emotional connection at the same time. Because print products are not only read, they are also experienced through touch.

We make sure that your target audience loves your print advertising. From consulting and purchasing, production and logistics to booking adverts and quality management, we control the entire process. Throughout Europe. 

Out of home

Why don't you talk to your target group in the street. Out-of-home advertising combines the advantages of precision of space with a large reach. To ensure that you benefit from this as much as possible, we develop an accurate media plan for you that allows you to make the most of your budget.

In addition to our targeted consulting service, we also take care of the booking and success monitoring of your out-of-home campaign. 


Make sure you know where you target groups gets their information from. We find out for you which digital channels are best to effectively connect with your existing and future customers. We rely on a balanced mix of big data and our many years of experience in media planning.

Be it digital mail advertising, online advertising or moving images; purchasing, production or distribution: we guarantee the success of your digital campaign. 


"Geht ins Ohr, bleibt im Kopf" (once heard and never forgotten) – that's the promise of radio commercials. And the fact that the phrase sounds familiar speaks for itself. We pave the way of your advertising message via the radio into the ears and minds of your target group – locally, nationally and throughout Europe.

We not only help you select the right radio station, we also help you produce and create your campaign, if you like. And you always keep an eye on your success

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Media Procurement

Benefit from our experience and our strong market position. When we plan your individual media modules, we rely on more than 750 print and digital media as well as out-of-home and radio. And we also rely on our trusted print and logistics partners.

We represent your interests vis-a-vis the media and service providers, through fair yet tough negotiations. Thanks to our leading position in the market and our large purchase volume we achieve the best possible results for you in terms of price, quality and service

Your expert for Media Procurement




Klaus Tsaoussidis

Chief Media Procurement Officer

Account Management

With our support you connect with your target group at the right time, with the right approach and at the relevant touchpoints.

Our team of retail, logistics, print and agency experts ensure your success. Our interdisciplinary expertise allows us to look at your requests from different angles and to provide the best possible advice.

From concept development to success monitoring – our experts work hand in hand towards our common goal: The best possible advertising success for you. 

Your Account Management Team of Experts

Geo-Solutions & Marketing

We create individual customer approaches using our extensive local expertise as a base to ensure your needs are on the point!

We can provide you with an analytical decision paper with the aim of placing your advertising message precisely at your chosen target group.

Big data, long lasting expertise in local media planning, industry-leading geomarketing as well as professional technical systems and tools are important elements for our recipe to success - Anytime, bottom up, from the smallest available geographic or demographic layer.

Our expertise within Geo-Solutions & Marketing allows us to identify overarching correlations to develop customized strategies to maximise the effectiveness and prominence of your brand.

Your expert for Geo-Solutions & Marketing

Quality Management

"No distribution without monitoring" - this is one of our core principles. To make sure that your advertising reaches your audience, we place particular emphasis on seamless controlling. This also includes pro-actively dealing with complaints. We record them centrally and deal with them promptly to everyone's satisfaction.

Our unique quality management system ensures that we only work with absolutely reliable service providers. You can be sure of this, because we provide you with transparent insight into the results of our controls. And the best thing is: This is all done as efficiently as possible thanks to our own control tool, MCquality, which we have developed ourselves.

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