01 Company

Getting your target group to hear your advertising message with maximum efficiency – that is our task. Every day our employees do everything in their power, be it consulting, organisation and success monitoring.

As an independent media agency we spread your message using all the media available today. Our roots, however, are in unaddressed household advertising. Here, we are the market leader in Germany: We manage more than 9 billion items of brochures a year in 21 countries – for big and small companies in many different industries.

02 Teamwork

We are an absolute team player and we believe in the capabilities of our employees. Thanks to our teams' diversity we are able to look at each task from different angles – and always find the best possible solution for you. We believe that mutual respect is the basis of motivation and loyalty.

 "The only true realist is the visionary."

Federico Fellini

03 Quartier B. Kühlen

Tradition and zeitgeist harmoniously come together at Quartier B. Kühlen, which was built in 2015. The former printing plant site in Mönchengladbach was completely refurbished in 2015 based on cutting-edge architectural standards.

Our staff are very happy here and work together very efficiently. The entire building was designed for short lines of communication. This allows us to respond to your wishes quickly.

"We have a very reliable guide to take us into the digital future: the wishes and needs of our customers." 

04 Company development



Foundation by Stefan Hamacher
From the outset, today's majority shareholder and CEO Stefan Hamacher placed the focus of the agency on classic household advertising (brochures and supplements as well as ad placements). From day one, our motto has always been: a true service provider mindset.



Ingo Wienand joins the company
Ingo Wienand was fully committed to enhancing our role as a customer-oriented service provider. Over the last 10 years he played a major role in furthering our growth; today he is a managing partner at MEDIA Central and as COO responsible for our operational business.



Expansion into Europe
We are now there for our trade customers abroad  – and it's proven popular. Following the positive feedback we received, in 2012 we set up MEDIA Central Polska Sp. z o.o. in Warsaw and in 2013 MEDIA Central CR s.r.o. in Prague. Today we are active in 21 European countries.



Introduction of MCmaps
Following an intense development period, we succeeded in introducing the leading web-based geo-information system MCmaps This was followed by other software tools, such as MCquality and MCprofi.



Relocation to Quartier B. Kühlen
Finally, everything that belongs together is in one place: Our various Mönchengladbach branches came together in the newly renovated Quartier B. Kühlen. We have  improved the communication between the different departments for the benefit of our customers.



Expansion of our business activities
By adding the areas out-of-home, radio and digital media to our media portfolio, we are able to provide even more comprehensive advice. Our cooperation with Germany's largest owner-managed media agency, Mediaplus, helps this process along.

"We have seen solid growth without losing our down-to-earth approach."

Stefan Hamacher

05 MEDIA Central International

We are where you are. We organise the delivery of your household advertising in Germany as well as currently in more than 20 other European countries. This way you reach your target group in your expansion markets with the precision and efficiency you are used to.

Benefit from our full service internationally. We can provide all our services across national borders. Particularly useful: Our comprehensive geomarketing tools including a Europe-wide database and our unique complaint management system.

Your expert for everything international

Jan Lohse

media consulting, international sales

06 Mission statement

"Networker" – that's how we see ourselves. Because strong links within the company and to our external partners safeguard our efficiency and capabilities.

That's why "networker“ is also the title of our corporate mission statement, which we developed with our employees.

Flick through it and find out what drives us.

07 News

Customer growth at MEDIA Central: Netto ApS & Co. KG

Since 01.01.2019 MEDIA Central organizes the leaflet distribution for the customer NETTO ApS throughout Germany.


“We are pleased to have gained another customer in the food retail industry with Netto ApS. Due to our local professional expertise, we can advise the customer on a maximum level. Of course, we are glad to have created synergy effects for the customer thanks to the consolidation of volumes!” says Maximilian Kaeding, division manager at MEDIA Central.


The regional grocery discounter NETTO is a subsidiary of the Danish Salling Group. The first store in Germany was opened in Anklam in 1990. The 345 German stores are located in the states of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, Berlin, Sachsen-Anhalt, Sachsen, Schleswig-Holstein, Niedersachsen and Hamburg.

NETTO ApS has further stores in Poland, Sweden and Denmark.

Brochures still the first source of information in the food retail industry

A survey of the global strategy and marketing consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners shows, that printed brochures do not only convince with enormous range, but are also perceived by clients: 88% of the Germans receive brochures at least once a month. The majority also have a look at them: 61% of the respondents report that they always read the brochures, 33% read them occasionally.


Furthermore, the survey confirms, that digital offers are not widely spread, yet. 75% of the respondents, who currently do not use digital channels to inform themselves online, however are open to view special offers digitally in the future. In reference to the future digital brochure, customers want more product-related information: customized offers (58%) and product reviews (65%) are of great interest.


The survey was carried out with 600 people in Germany, who were asked about their user behavior towards brochures.


Source: LZ, Edition 3, 18.01.2018; Simon Kucher & Partners

Image: Fotolia

Fressnapf relies on international brochure distribution with MEDIA Central

A new client for MEDIA Central:

Fressnapf decided to assign the budget to MEDIA Central after a pitch. “In the selection process, MEDIA Central convinced with its high local expertise and the Europe-wide service approach.

“We are looking forward to our cooperation!” says Jutta Türk, head of brand & acquisition marketing at Fressnapf.


Fressnapf is Europe's largest specialist retail chain for pet food and supplies. It was founded in 1990 by Torsten Toeller and has more than 1,500 stores in Europe. It is the first client from the pet supply branch for MEDIA Central.


Upswing for Stationary Trade

According to the survey done by the business consultancy PwC, stationary trade is gaining in popularity again. Despite thriving online trade, the proportion of consumers who buy directly in the store at least once a week is barely 60% (in Germany). This is an increase of 13 percent compared to two years ago.Digital seems to help with the planning. According to this survey, two-thirds of 18-34 year-olds use social networks for inspiration.


The results come from the "Global Consumer Insight Survey 2018", which is carried out by the auditing and consulting firm PwC. A total of 22,000 consumers in 27 countries are surveyed, 1,000 from that in Germany.

Source: PWC, 8.10.2018
Image: Fotolia

MEDIMAX turns 30 and MEDIA Central is at the party

This year MEDIMAX will be 30 years old.

A reason to celebrate and to let all customers participate in this great anniversary. MEDIA Central supports the realization of various anniversary campaigns and has planned extensive activities across all media channels in close cooperation with the marketing department and the local stores of MEDIMAX. The aim is, to increase the presence for customers and employees as well as to support sales within the stores and in e-commerce. Ooh, radio, online, e-mail marketing and leaflets are used and oriented towards potential customer areas.

Throughout the year, there will be systematic campaigns with very attractive products with more than competitive prices, as the first flight in week 5 has already proven successfully.

MEDIMAX is the specialist retailer of ElectronicPartner Handel SE, one of the largest European groups in the field of entertainment and household electronics based in Düsseldorf. MEDIMAX positions itself as a service- and experience-oriented specialist with high consulting competence.

Since January 2014, MEDIA Central takes care of the approx. 130 stores (directed and franchise stores) within all relevant questions and tasks.

Classic leaflets also in the future leading medium No.1

Triggered by the change of conditions and digital changes, the EHI did a study once again.

They surveyed about the changes within the marketing and their media mix. Therefore, they interviewed more than 50 decision makers out of commercial enterprises in Germany.  

It became clear that,

  • Omni-Channel is a solution which is seen as a future model. Keeping the focus only on one media channel belongs to the past.
  • For the first time the gross expenses for print advertisement of the total media mix has been decreased to under 50%.
  • The leaflets is still leading medium and with 33% it covers the largest advertisement share.
  • The biggest loser within the media mix is still the newspaper advertisement.
  • The investment into online marketing is continually growing, whereby `Search´ with 27,7% has the largest share. 
  • 39% of the interviewed retailers expected a 3,2 % increase in their marketing budget.

There is a significant connection between the company size and the amount of advertisement costs and the print share. This means the larger the company sizes the smaller the amount of advertisement costs and the higher the share of leaflets within the media mix. However, the smaller the company size, the bigger the advertisement costs and the smaller the share of leaflets.

In addition, it became clear that the trade companies understand the meaning of digital transformation and they are working on the implementation. But they have noted that they did not achieve their self-imposed goals.  In fact the strongest competitors will have a fundamentally better preparation according to the transformation of digitalization.

It remains to be noted that the marketing of commercial companies increases the digital possibilities with in the marketing mix. However, the leaflets will remain as the leading medium No. 1 within the commercial communication. 

Source: EHI Marketingmonitor Handel 2016 - 2019

MEDIA Central and IFH Cologne to launch project on the future of household advertising

Advertising mail, catalogues, flyers and more have to be able to hold their ground within the consumers' relevant set. What exactly will the future of household advertising look like in the digital age? MEDIA Central has commissioned IFH Cologne to carry out a study on the role of household brochures in the customer journey of consumers and thus to deliver the most important basic information for the media and advertising industry and the world of trade.

A comprehensive, neutral study is to be designed to look into the following questions, among others:

  • How should advertising mail and similar items be used in the future as part of the communications mix?
  • What are the needs of consumers?
  • In which areas do brochures items boost sales?
  • What does the ideal household advertising mail item look like?

"In the digital age it is particularly important to decide which advertising materials and tools can enhance future cross-channel activities. We are therefore delighted that together with MEDIA Central we are initiating a study that both looks into what consumers really think and that analyses potentials across Germany The results will benefit all stakeholders and enable further development," says Boris Hedde, managing director of IFH Cologne

Source: Press release IFH Cologne, June 2016

MCmaps boasts new travel time analysis features


With MCmaps, you have the many different geomarketing options at your disposal at any time. MEDIA Central continuously develops the geo-information systems MCmaps and MCmaps Touch to create the best possible user experience.

With this update, we would like to draw your attention to the possibilities and advantages of our expanded travel time analysis feature: In addition to the existing car routing feature, you can now also create isochrones for pedestrians and lorries. The new feature now also allows you to take into account the traffic volume based on different starting times!

The new travel time analysis function is available now in MCmaps. As usual, you can create the individual zones up to 60 minutes, perform potential calculations (e.g. household numbers) and use the entire spectrum across Europe.

If you like, we can help you make the first steps with our new travel time analysis feature. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

EHI marketing monitor 2015-2018: Brochures stays strong


This year, EHI is conducting another survey of 50 heads of marketing. The aim of the survey is to compare marketing investments in trade. The people questioned represent 38,359 branches and a turnover of 99.3 billion euros.

Summary: 85% of respondents believe that marketing expenses will stay the same or increase. Brochures, despite digital advertising being forecast to grow, is still the core medium (31.1% in 2018 with a lead of 12%).

The main reason is that when it comes to sale and ROI, brochures is still in the lead because of its presentation options and reach. While the study does forecast online marketing to become more important, brochures continues to be the core medium!

Relocation to Quartier B. Kühlen


Finally, we've done it! After a construction period of 17 months the "Quartier B. Kühlen" project has finally become a reality. We are proud and delighted to announce: the relocation was successful. We look forward to welcoming you at Neuhofstraße 54 in 41061 Mönchengladbach. The new site boasts 5,000 sqm office space and there is plenty of parking on the 8,830 sqm grounds - including an underground car park.

The Quartier B. Kühlen now has all 170 employees of MEDIA Central under one roof again. The different departments can now work together more effectively and we can strengthen our team spirit.

The modern office building in Neuhofstraße offers new possibilities in the field of communication and communication technology. We now have more meeting rooms of a better quality, allowing us to hold video conferences.

We are re-organising ourselves so that we can work together even better in the future. MEDIA Central is still MEDIA Central - we are your reliable media service provider and we will continue to develop together with you.